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Ea Video Game Tester Job Openings Are Available

by on Sep.06, 2010, under Game Cube

Anthony B. asked:

Are you looking for a position as a game tester working for EA games? Well that’s great because many game developer companies are looking for new and experienced gamers to test their newest games.You will work for a company that will give you a list of games to play based on your prefernces and skills. You will then test the companies video game for defects in programming or design.

When you start initially testing a game you will have a list of goals to achieve also,such as testing certain methods of game play.When you spot a defect, bug ,or glitch, you report it to the lead tester in charge of that game and you a conformation that your finding was correct. This also makes you a more valuable as a tester because each person in the world plays games differently and can find problems that even the designers overlooked such as duplicate content or translation errors.

Imagine being able to play the newest games out before all of your friends can.You will be able to get paid to play unreleased games.Find all the top game testers companies online @Game Tester Job Openings

Live the good life and start testing video games today. As soon as you sign up to be a member of a Video game testing company,you will be able to choose what games you want to play and you get paid to test every game they have. There is a large list of video game tester job openings available.

EA Video game tester job openings are one of the most coveted in the industry. You get to play game that use the latest cutting edge technology and ideas. And the best thing of all is you can work from home every day if you want.

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Xbox 360 Freeze Fix

by on Aug.01, 2010, under Xbox 360

You are a proud owner of XBOX 360. However you notice those red lights flashing but have no idea what to do.

Naturally the first reaction will be to call customer support and ask for help. Is this good enough though?

Well if you are happy to wait until someone actually helps you and if you are happy to spend money on something you can fix by yourself, than go ahead.

If no, though, keep reading and you will discover Xbox 360 freezing fix is not that hard as it seems at a first glance.

First of all you need to be able to identify the problem. Graphical problems in the middle of game play, changes of sound or freezing of sound, console not responding to nothing but restart – all of these are symptoms that come to say you will have to deal with Xbox 360 freezing fix.

Those freeze-ups are warning signs. They show that something with your console is not in order and that you can expect a bigger problem in the future.

One of the possible problems may be that your console is overheated. This is a very common cause of freeze-ups. In this case the Xbox 360 freeze fix is quite simple – just turn it off and wait until it cools down.

Obviously not only overheating can cause freezing. Still, you don’t need any special knowledge or tools to deal with the problem alone. All you need is a very good Xbox 360 freezing fix guide to lead you through the way.

If you have had any problems with your console so far, you may have already noticed that there are thousands of guides available, and thousands of people explaining what and how to do to repair your console. This may sound great but what you really need is not just any guide or advice, you need a proven, working guide with lots of videos to help you deal with the Xbox 360 freeze fix efficiently.

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My Xbox 360 Keeps Freezing Up, Why is This Happening?

by on Jun.10, 2010, under Xbox

jerry cart asked:

Are you experiencing freezing up during game play and saying what is happening with the Xbox 360 console? You should know the problem can be serious for your Xbox 360. The freezing up during playing a game can be quite aggregating if you had been playing a long time without saving the game. The Xbox 360 has this problem as up to 50% of the users have reported the freezing up problems. There are many solutions to fixing this problem if you are wanting to try to fix it yourself. The main reason to the Xbox 360 freezing up is the fact that it is overheating the main board.

The one major problem the Xbox 360 has is the overheating of the console because of non-quality cooling hardware. The Xbox 360 runs a lot better when there are plenty of airflow and cooling for the gaming console. The one solution to the problem of the freezing up is to set it out in the open for more air flow or put it near a fan.

You should also know that keeping the Xbox 360 in the entertainment center can be the death of the system. There is no air flow that gives the system cooling. The System freezing up is the signs of the RROD (Red Ring of Death). The Choice to fix this problem will cost you a trip to Microsoft and they will charge you a fee of 140$ and make you wait more than 6 months. For any gamer that’s the end of the world to them. The other way is to find a store that repairs Xbox 360s cheap and on the spot.

Learning from a step-by-step Xbox360 repair guide is the best way you can do to save your time and cost to fix your Xbox 360 from freezing up. There are certain guides out there that shows you how to dismantle your Xbox 360 and repairing it, but most of them don’t include clear videos on the actual process.

Xbox 360 keeps freezing up no matter what you’ve done?

A high-definition Xbox repair guide video is exactly what you’ll need to start working on it, all by yourself without any fancy tools, all you need are simple household tool kits.

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