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Using Gamefly

by on Jan.13, 2011, under Gamefly

Randy Rowe asked:

Being both the largest game rental company, carrying the most games out of any rental services, Gamefly is the king of the renting game. At the beginning it wasn’t big though. Without a doubt, Gamefly has gone far from where it started and is now a very powerful rental service.

Gamefly started at 2002 and over the years gain popularity, fans, new members, and a lot of games. Now there are over 6000 games for you to rent spread out through numerous consoles. Rent Wii games, or anything else, because Gamefly will have all of the games available for you to rent.

What do they do?

If it’s not clear to you Gamefly is a video game rental service. Besides their large variety of games, they also have many features available for using them.

Gamefly offers even new games that has been just released straight to your house! You’ll receive the game shortly in 2-4 days.

Once you receive the game you can play it as long as you want, whenever you want. Like the game you got? Well, Gamefly allows you to purchase it for a cheap price!

If you don’t like the game or beat it already then just send the game back in the provided envelope, and put it in your mailbox. My favorite part of Gamefly is that they’ll automatically send the next game on your list, once the post office scans your game.

Other Features

Not only does Gamefly offer many, many games to rent, they offer many features that allow you to join in with most of your games. Another great feature they have is Parent Control, so you can prevent certain games from being rented.

By being a member with gamefly for a certain amount of time, you’ll get special rewards. With these special awards you can get even more discounts when buying games! Earn yourself a free month with Gamefly, just stick around with them!

You can start now with them for 8.95. In a month’s time, you can rent as many games as you want for free, from Gamefly!

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Is Gamefly Worth It? My Experience

by on Dec.22, 2010, under Gamefly

Josh Pierce asked:

Is Gamefly worth it?

The idea behind this website is actually quite ingenious, they essentially stole Netflix’s business model.  You sign up on their website and pay a flat monthly fee of $22.95 to receive up to two video games in the mail.  There are no late fees, meaning you have all the time you need to beat any given game.  The shipping is included in your membership price and you also have the ability to purchase a rented game if you choose and they simply replenish that purchase with a new rental.  Sounds great right?

Well I decided to try them out.  I signed up for the Free 10 Day Trial, just to see how much of a hassle it would be to get my money back.  Registration was very easy and I placed an order for two games I had been dying to play (Modern Warfare 2 and Fifa ’10).  I signed up on Tuesday and had my games by Thursday, I was impressed so far.  I played the games for a full week and loved every second of it, I’m such a nerd when it comes to PS3.  On the ninth day I put the games back in the mail and logged on to cancel my free membership.  To my surprise the cancellation process was virtually hassle free….I really couldn’t believe that.

I would have to say that I was fully satisfied with my experience at Gamefly.  I actually went back on and signed up for a full membership after my investigation.  Its been about three months now and I would have to say that Gamefly worth it.  They have the largest inventory of in-stock video games anywhere.  Including the latest from PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

So in conclusion is Gamefly worth it?  Definitely yes.  Everything that is provided with your membership makes Gamefly the new leader in video game rentals.  The program is reliable and virtually hassle free.  To top it off there is no cancellation fee.  GameFly™ delivers the best video games to your door!  Start for only $8.95 or Try for Free

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What is Gamefly?

by on Nov.10, 2010, under Gamefly

Gamefly is now the biggest and largest game renting company in the United States. Their success in the market is really amazing as they offer great services that cannot compare to other game renting company.

The company started in a scratch just like the other businesses. They started with a few members until it grew and become larger. Having tons of games and large following of new members, Gamefly stand out among the others. They offer over 6000 game rentals for different systems. Rent Wii games, Xbox games, or anything else. Ask what you want they will give it to you, because they have all the games available for you to rent.

Gamefly Offers

Gamefly offers 10 days free trials for the gamer enthusiast. After that it is you decide whether to continue or stop. You can rent as many games as you can for a week. Is there anything else you would want with this many games? Whether you like it or not, Gamefly has tons of features platforms that you can choose.

Gamefly brings you the latest and even just release games. So be sure that you put the right game you wanted in your Game list, which is a list that you want to rent from Gamefly. They will send right away the game as soon as possible in just 2 days.

You can play the games as long as you want, until you cancel the membership. If you wanted them to keep you can have it in a cheaper price!

However, if you don’t like the game or you’ve done with it, you can easily send them back to the Gamefly provided with their mail-back envelop. The most interesting with Gamefly is that they will automatically send you the next game in your list, once the post office scans your game.

Features Perfect!

Gamefly does not only offers tons of games to rent but also offers many features that will let you join the most out of your games. Parent Control is one of the best features; you can easily prevent your kids play on a certain games that you don’t want to see them in your membership.

The most interesting feature in Gamefly is the longer you stay with them the more rewards you will get. With these rewards you can even get huge discount in buying games in the future. You can even earn free one month games rentals just staying their members.

You can now start at Gamefly with the 10 days FREE trials. You can try many games as you can within 10 days! Grab now the chance to be the best gamer at all time!

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