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How to Get Free Nintendo Wii Points and Codes

by on Jan.04, 2011, under Wii

Erika Ayala asked:

How many times have you drooled over those free giveaways for Nintendo Wii because you don’t have enough free Wii points for them? How many games have you neglected because saving up your allowance just �isn’t enough to pay for these expensive new video games? I’ll let you in on a little secret because I am a big fan of Nintendo Wii games and of course, everybody knows that getting free games is much better than paying for them. �

There was a time when I used to have to save up and even work extra hours just to support my video game habit. I had to keep up with the latest game releases from Nintendo and I always shelled out money to get them. But all that changed when my friend asked me if I was aware of the free Wii points for Nintendo. Naturally, I was surprised to hear that there was such a thing and that I had been living my life spending money that I could have been saving instead. �

When I found out how to get the free Wii points code, it was actually a bit of a no-brainer decision. I really have nothing to lose, and if ever it doesn’t work I can always go back to paying for the points. Fortunately, it did work and the best thing about it was that it only took me a few hours before I earned about 2000 free Wii points code. All you have to do is simply complete offers that these websites give you and you can begin earning points. �

After about a week or two, I found out that I can actually refer friends and get even more points for it. So I started telling all my friends to go online and sign up to get these�free Wii points codes.�

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Wii Backup Loader

by on Nov.02, 2010, under Wii

David asked:

If you are the owner of a Nintendo Wii gaming system, then you have probably wondered if it is possible to copy or backup your Nintendo games. Well you should be glad to hear that you can back up Wii games and this article will tell you how to make a Wii disc back up. The concept is the same for burning a CD or DVD, but the software for burning Wii games is different.

The most important thing that you need to do to backup your Wii game is to find software that is made specifically for making backup copies of video games. Video game discs come with copyright protection features that wont allow you to use regular CD or DVD burning software, however there are now software companies out there who make software that will allow you to bypass the copyright protection features and back up Wii games.

Play Homebrew, Backup and Import Games on your Wii Without Voiding the Warranty

Once you have the software installed on your computer it will be able to read the game disc, without it your computer will never recognize the game. So just remember that you must have game copying software to backup your Wii games.

The software is very easy to use, and in just a couple of steps you should have a backup for your original copy. The first thing that you would do is take your original Wii game disc which should be in good condition already,

and insert it into your computer, your computer and the software will make a duplicate image of your game, when that process is finished you will be prompted to insert a blank disc and then the software does all the rest and makes you a backup copy of your original game.

If you play games on different gaming consoles, the software not only works for Nintendo Wii games, but you can also make backups for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games.

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Nintendo ds r4

by on Oct.04, 2010, under Nintendo Ds

The Nintendo DS R4 card is quite elegant looking unlike many other hacks and mods available in the market. A plastic casing covers the whole of the Nintendo DS R4 card’s body and there is no chips popping out of the body. The Nintendo DS R4 card feels like a part of the Nintendo DS. Since the games are stored in a Micro SD card in the memory slot of the Nintendo DS R4 card you will eventually get used to keeping the Nintendo DS R4 card plugged in and just use the memory card to transfer games. Not only can you run homebrew games and other games with your Nintendo DS R4 card you can also play songs and movies.

The Nintendo DS R4 card also supports software such as opera and Rumblepack. The things which you can do with your DS using the R4 DS are mentioned below. 1. Turn your DS into a PDA – Using the excellent features of homebrew DSOrganize program; you can turn your DS into a PDA complete, using inputs via the touch screen. Among its many features, it contains a Scheduler, Calendar, Notes, drawing application and reminders, and my personal favorite of all uses of the DS Homebrew, the ability to play streaming Internet radio through the wireless connection of the DS. 2. Run Homebrew Applications – Homebrew software, is a boon for the users. This is a software which is software created by programmers and fans for the sole purpose of testing the system, has exploded since the release of the new, easy to use, R4 DS simply.

The games ranges from simple applications to full, and the best thinf is that there is a world of homebrew available for free download from the Internet. Some of the latest software are programmed in such a way that it allows you some wonderful new uses for the DS, which includes using the DS as a VOIP phone (through the microphone), a wifi hotspot finder, and a web browser and mentioned above DSOrganize PDA software. In contrary to this there are programs that allow the emulator to play games of the Sega master system, SNES ,NES AND SEGA GENESIS. 3. Reading ROM backup files – There is a popular belief, that the flash memory cards for the DS is not just to play pirated games (although it is possible, and it is a matter of personal ethics or if you do not) and can be used in a variety of legal means.

You do not have to carry your game cartridges with you and this is a major advantage. If you have young children they can easily lose the little DS cartridge. So it is a technique which is safe and reliable. 4. Play MP3 and Movies – Utilizing the excellent program Moon shell (Which comes with the R4 DS simply) you can turn your DS into portable media players in no time that can play MP3s and DPG video files. This is great feature for those who, like myself, who previously toured with bulging pockets trying my DS, IPod, phone and PDA. A set of good quality headphones allow sound to rival the iPod for MP3 playback and the DS Lite super bright, high resolution screens are great for watching Simpson’s episodes on the train. Moon shell will play MP3s natively, and a small free download application called DPG Converter will quickly and easily convert your movies and shows to Moon shell’s DPG format.

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