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Wii Backup Disc

by on Jun.11, 2010, under Wii

There was a time when it was really very difficult to backup Nintendo Wii disks. Lots and lots of game enthusiasts search all over the Internet to get instruction on how to copy Wii disks. Play Homebrew, Backup and Import Games on your Wii Without Voiding the Warranty. To their dismay they do not get the answers that they need. All they get as an answer is that it is virtually impossible to back up Nintendo Wii games unless you are into piracy. If you want to learn how to copy Wii disks, read on and find out what the materials you need and what you need to do.

The first thing that you need if you want to learn how to copy Wii disks is a DVD-ROM that can read and backup Nintendo Wii games. Always remember this because this is very important. Not all DVD-ROM drives can copy Wii games. If you purchased the wrong DVD-ROM drive, you will not be able to proceed further.

Once this tool is available, you need to have the following programs in your computer: Rawdump 2.0, WIN RAR, and net Framework 2.0. From the Raw Dump program, you need to extract the contents of the original disk. This program will need the assistance of the WIN RAR application to compress the file. The first process can take a few hours to complete. Extracting files from an original disc takes too long so you might want to watch television first.

Once the files have been extracted and compressed, you may now burn the disc as you normally would for other files. Once the burning process is complete, you now have a backup disc that is ready to be used. You may now store the original disc in its case and just use the backup file. This way, you will not worry even if it gets scratched because you already have a back up file.

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How to play backup ps2 games

by on May.26, 2010, under PS2

Jack Bush asked:

Being able to play backups games on PS2 can be convenient and often very cost saving. Due to the various disc reading configurations of different models of the PS2 system, discs are more prone to scratches than on any other console. You can avoid having to re-purchase games by learning how to play backup PS2 games.

In this guide, you will learn the very easy method of how to play back up games on PS2.

PS2 gamers used to use a modchip or swap magic or cogswap to backup games and play them. These methods are not only too complicated for ordinary people, but also not safe to use. If there is anything wrong in the process of installing, they may totally destroy their expensive PS2 and the games. Moreover, one should spend another few bucks to invite specialist to do the modification, and some money on the modchip or other materials. That’s all extra costs, which could be saved by using a game copying software. With the help of a good game copying software, one can make 1:1 backup copies of his favorite PS2 games, just the same as the original. So the backup is playable on PS2.

Obviously they contained the boot sequence as a part of the software. This sequence was embedded deep in such program and heavily encrypted and enable you to burn it onto normal disks. The software is rather simplistic as we did not feel we needed a complex interface. It works pretty much like a normal CD/DVD burner. You can copy/Burn ISO files onto the disk and it automatically burns the boot up sequence with the game. So this copying software program is the key for you to learn how to play back up PS2 games.

As for your consult, a well reputed copying software of this kind is called Copy That Game. Here is an honest review of Copy That Game!

To start backing up PS2 games, you need to launch the program you installed. Once this is launched, you need to insert the disc you want to backup. Click on the COPY button and leave it be. In many programs, the destination of the data that will be copied is automatically brought to the drive. It will re-image or mirror the data and will ask you to insert a blank disc once the copying is ready. As soon as the backup copies made, you can play this backup game on PS2 without a problem.

So in order to play backup games on ps2 and protect the original from damage, you need to start right away to get a good copying software, Copy That Game, as I recommend. Want to learn more information about Copy That Game? Visit Copy That Game Review!

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PS3 Freezing – You Can Now Fix the Problem on Your Own

by on Apr.22, 2010, under PS3

sidana.abhi asked:

The arrival of PS3 has completely changed the gaming scene. Not only can you play games with a PS3 but also do an entire host of other things including, watching movies and even using it as your PC. One of the good things about a PS3 is that should any repair occur in them, you can easily fix it, provided you have some basic troubleshooting knowledge. For instance PS3 freezing is a common problem that you may face from time to time. If you have some basic knowledge about PS3 repair, you can yourself fix such problems.

PS3 freezing can happen due to different reasons. Dirt or dust accumulating on your PS3’s game disk can lead to the problem sometimes. In such cases, you can solve the issue by just cleaning the game disk.

The internet is perhaps the best place to search for information on PS3 repairs. There are literally hundreds of websites devoted to the topic that you can find over the internet. Going through them can help you to know at least the basics of PS3 troubleshooting. With a little bit of online research you can now yourself fix some common problems such as PS3 freezing or any problem with your PS3 display.

Most of the common PS3 problems can be fixed by you. PS3 freezing is among one of them. A simple thing as keeping your gaming console in a cool place is enough to solve the problem of freezing. This is because most of the times the problem occurs because of the heat generated inside the gaming console. By fixing common repairs on your PS3 yourself, you can save a substantial amount of money in the long run.

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