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What is Xbox 360 Red Lights?

by on Dec.12, 2010, under Xbox 360

The xbox 360 red lights problem that is common amongst xbox 360 consoles is a common problem which renders the xbox unusable. Amongst all the errors that the xbox 360 has, the most prominent one is the three red rings of death or more commonly known as (RROD).

Red rings of death (RROD) has a high occurance rate within xbox 360 consoles of 16.4% (or 1 within 6 consoles that you purchase) and that there is a high chance that your console may have such a hardware failure or core digital failure.

A good example of such a failure of the three red lights on the xbox 360 is that out of the 4 sections that surround the xbox 360 power button, 3 of them are lighted in red.

There are also other errors, and below is a summary of each of the errors that show up on the xbox 360 and their error codes:-

1 red light

E 74, E 79, E 71 is shown on screen and a solution to fix it is by ensuring that your A/V connections on your xbox 360 is secured. Another possible cause to the error is that there is a power surge or outage on your system.

2 red lights

The xbox 360 is overheating and it is best to switch off the xbox 360 and let it cool off for a few hours. Another option would be to let the xbox 360 have sufficient ventilation by lifting off the bottom of the xbox 360 from the ground.

3 red lights

This is the most common error code and is caused by the poor soldering that is done on the xbox 360 one of the most common ways by which to solve this problem is to open up the xbox 360 to scrap off the solder for resoldering the system. A more comprehensive microsoft articles touches on this three red lights problems more specifically at xbox 360 red lights. And if you want to solve this problem of three red lights on your xbox 360, check out this xbox 360 three red lights fix for your xbox.

4 red lights

This error is similar to the 1 red light error with the exception that error codes are not shown on screen. The A/V connections have to be secured on your xbox 360 in this case. This error may also occur if there are power surges or very brief power outages whilst the console is running and the solution would be to unplug and plug back the power supply of the console.

In conclusion

What xbox 360 problems do you have on your system? Most of the problems on your xbox 360 can be solved by using guides or software for your system and do check out the service over at for making the best and fixing your xbox 360.

There is also an alternative service at Xbox 360 Red Lights Fix Pro Gamer Edition which is specialized at solving the xbox 360 three red lights problem for your xbox 360. An additional upgrade is also offered by the fix and it gives you an additional free upgrade to your xbox 360 to support high definition, valuable and not offered by anyone or any other repair guides out on the internet.

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Xbox 260 red ring easy fix

by on Jun.09, 2010, under Xbox

Lance Peck asked:

If you’re reading this then it’s happened to you too, right? Your Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 or Xbox 260 was fine one minute, and then out of the blue the green ring of light has turned that devilish shade of red.

And now you want to know how you can fix your Xbox 360.

Until now, if you wanted to fix your Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 yourself, you were limited to some very unusual and unreliable methods. Have you tried the “Towel Trick” fix yet? If you haven’t, steer well clear of it. If you have, then you probably already know that the “Towel Trick” is more likely to set your Xbox on fire than to fix it. I mean, come on, who really believes that wrapping your Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 in a towel is going to fix anything?

It’s an Internet myth.

And it’s bordering on “myth” to believe you can crack open the case of your Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 and fix the problem yourself with a soldering iron. The Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 is a serious piece of high tech kit, not a toaster. You try the “solder” fix and all you’re likely to do is cause more damage and void your warranty.

So what does that leave you with?

Well, you could follow Microsoft’s advice and return your Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 to them to fix on your behalf. But that’s going to set you back $140 plus shipping if your warranty has expired. And you’re not likely to see your console for 6 to 8 weeks, minimum. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of money and fuss just to fix your Xbox 360?

Even if your warranty is still valid, there’s still the shipping charge to consider, and you’ll still have the hassle ofpackaging your Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 up securely for its return to Microsoft. And don’t forget that two-month wait for it to be returned to you.

Thankfully, there’s now a fast, cheap, and simple way to fix your Xbox 360, thanks to The Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition. It’s a complete solution to the dreaded red ring of death you’ll encounter when your Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 suffers a general hardware failure.

Now you really can fix your own Xbox 360, and you’ll do it within 2 hours, guaranteed. To help you on your way, you’ll also receive full customer support from real experts, plus comprehensive video tutorials, showing you the simple steps discovered by tech pros who know the inner workings of the Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 like the backs of their hands.

Avoid the costly, unrealistic, and slow methods, and fix your Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 the only way experts suggest – use The Xbox 360 or Xbox 260 Red Light Fix repair manual You can get the step by step repair video and manual Just click here

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by on Oct.28, 2009, under PS3

Jack Bush asked:

Would you like to Fix PS3 Yellow/Red Light of Death by yourself within 2 hours? You must have learned that Sony will charge you $150 for repairing just one PS3 and let you wait 4-6 weeks for its return.

Would you like to save $120 and permanently get rid of the PS3 Yellow/Red Light of Death?

Would you like to Retain all your hard drive contents while Sony wipes them clean?

If your answer is positive, you have only one chance to achieve this success. That is Rob Sheffield’s PS3 Lights Fix guide. Rob Sheffield is a certified PS3 repairer from Melbourne, Australia. For he has repair many PS3 with different problems successfully, he sums up all the possible errors of PS3 and their solutions in a clear and easy way. One of the most happened and most serious problem of PS3 is the Yellow/Red Ring of Death.

As you may know, the Yellow/Red Light indicates ‘general hardware failure’, which in many cases could be anything. PS3 Lights Fix helps you to identify the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible. You see, it could be a Blu-ray failure, a hard drive failure, a motherboard failure etc…

You must have felt upset and frustrated when the PS3 suddenly turned off and displayed the yellow/red lights, or when your PS3 decided to ‘eat’ the disk, because the blu-ray is stuffed. Please first calm down, and follow the steps below to get your PS3 up and running again.

The Basics (Do these first!):

1. Cooling it down

2. The Reset Trick

3. Clean your PS3 internally

The More Complicated Methods:

4. Power Supply Malfunction

5. Hard Drive Failure/Reinstallation

6. Motherboard Problems

7. Fix Blu-Ray Drive

You will learn how to do each of these steps safely and easily in the PS3 Lights Fix guide. After trying all these methods, you are assured 99.99% that your PS3 will up and running and playing COD 4 (or any other game) in no time!

After purchase at a lowest price now, you will get access to:

5 detailed helpful Videos, which give you a clear vision on each move and every step.

A 77-page full Picture/Word filled Guide, detailed step by step instructions of the whole repair process.

A Bonus Guide- ‘Stuck Disk Fix’, which gives best solution to a common problem discs stick.

A Bonus ‘Linux on PS3’ Guide

24/7 Support and one-on-one help, when needed!

Get Instant Access to PS3 Lights Fix Now!


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